Monday, September 22, 2008

unexpected sinfulness

those that don't know me very well, probably didn't think i was serious about eating the pide (i.e, bread) that i took home from turkish kitchen last night. yet, it made a great addition to my lunch today.

lunch had to be quick as i'm really trying to make my deadline (yes, i know i seem to be saying that a lot these days), so the bread was quite fortuitous. as you can see, my late lunch consisted of the pide, 3 different types of olives: black spicy moroccan, green garlic stuffed, and a blood orange flavored melody (these were yummerific and my fave taste of the bunch btw) well as some hummus flavored with a bit of harissa, additional kalamata extra virgin olive oil, and parsley.

simple? yes. yet, still felt a bit sinfully delicious. everything just rolled on the tongue....the silkiness of the hummus paired with the extra kalamata olive oil....even the sweet sour blood orange flavored olives. these textures and flavors were coupled with the soft pillows of the bread....everything just seemed to integrate together to become this perfectly in synch melody. a bit unexpected....yet, very welcome.

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