Thursday, September 4, 2008

the would-be yoda

i didn't take my camera with me when i stepped out for the other change of hobbit, comic relief, and naia run this evening. now, i wish i had. i do this mini-tour of my fave berkeley bookstores with a sweet note ending about once a week. the only deviation is that sometimes it is naia and sometimes it is yogurt harmony.

as i took my purchase up to the OCoH counter for one of the employees to write up the sale (they don't use a computer so it takes a couple of minutes)....another employee, a young man with a blonde ponytail decides to walk up to the counter and say "hmmm. good taste you have" in a bit of a theatrical accent....i'm guessing a sorta yoda accent mixed with some other fantasy critter. hey, this IS a scifi fantasy bookstore. i suppose my thoughts were on naia and whether their raspberry flavor today was going to be as good as it was at slow i was a bit jolted from my little wondering day dream when mr. would-be yoda said his comment. i didn't say anything because i was so jolted and just kinda gaped at him. that's what i get for not really paying know, when the body is present but the mind is obviously elsewhere. i just sort of nodded (i think). then the employee (who i think is a new guy btw) that was conducting the transaction handed me my change and i just said "you guys have a good one". then after i took two steps toward comic relief....i started to snicker. lets be clear....not snickering in a mean-bad-laughing-at-you kind of way. more like, awww,-that-was-kinda-endearing kind of snicker. ahhh youth. he was a bit fearless in his silliness. i hope he keeps that.

i wish i had brought my camera so that i could have shown you a recent picture of OCoH....but alas, i had to settle for the one i took of one of the bookstore's cats a while ago...i think its name is patch. this kitty likes to sleep in the the display window quite a bit.

ohhh, and btw: naia's raspberry was pretty good today....almost as good as their slow food version.

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