Sunday, September 14, 2008

"you got the good stuff"

you know, i must have a very approachable look on my face when i am not really paying attention to my surroundings and am day dreaming about food instead. in this case, i was imagining what the vosges red fire ice cream would taste like....(i can't imagine that being anything less than yummy, can you?) rather than paying attention to the local market staff bagging up the goodies i picked out for the week. so when the young man said in an almost conspiring gleeful whisper "you got the good stuff", i was jolted out of my lovely spicy belgian dark chocolate ice cream fantasy and experienced a sense of deja vu. instead of gaping at him though, i said "thank you", grabbed my bag of food and scampered off. hey, even a socially inept foodie hunter can learn. there may be hope for me yet. or not.

alas dear hearts, i'm not yet going to tell you what the vosges red fire ice cream tastes like because i purchased it for a specific purpose. i purchased it as a reward and potential comfort in case i completely blow my big presentation on tuesday to a couple of the more detailed-oriented execs (trust me, this is not an oxymoron). so while it may be a bit torturous to know that there is this potentially yummerific ice cream just sitting in my freezer broadcasting a siren's call.....i won't be answering that call until tuesday afternoon.

interestingly enough, when i met BF for an early lunch today, i found out that he has an important presentation on tuesday as well. there must be something about this tuesday...lots of stressful things happening on tuesday. it was great to see BF and catch up on what he's up to in his new job. we went to a small place downtown that has solid food and an atmosphere that is actually conducive to conversation. while we were pursuing the menu, we nibbled on the bread served with a salted compound butter (see above pic). i ended up ordering the rigatoni with bolognese

and BF ordered the special heirloom tomato salad....the unique aspects of the salad included slices of fried green tomatoes...

i almost ordered that as well, but i still have pizzaiolo's fried green tomatoes firmly embedded in my food memory...and didn't want to supplant that food memory yet. this is a bit of an odd quirk of mine. if i like something....i'll usually hold off on having it again until the food memory begins to fade a bit. sometimes, if the taste is amazing takes a while before the memory fades enough. i still haven't had a macaron since i left paris. the salty caramel macaron from pierre hermé was exquisite and when you have something that can you top it? you just don't.

oh damn, that is just what i need at the remember that amazing macaron right now. sigh. .....well, better to have loved and be forlorn..... than to have not loved at all. i suppose.

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