Friday, September 26, 2008

yummerific: scream sorbet

a lot has happened today. yet, i wanted to dedicate a complete posting the amazing tastes i had at scream sorbet booth at the old oakland farmers' market. i was wandering around downtown oakland and on my way to the 12th street BART station when i noticed all of these tents.... i had no idea that there was a friday farmers' market in downtown oakland. some bay area native i am! for shame! i absolutely could not let this opportunity pass by. the experience was quite lovely and i'll talk more about that later ....i have lots of pictures to show...but while i was wandering around, i noticed this lady spooning out some samples...

i was pretty curious. i love the ice-y-and/or-creamy-stuff....sorbets, ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurts (only the ones that actually taste like yogurt, thank you), granita, sherbert, etc. etc. i think most of you dear hearts, already know this since....often times my suggestion after taking a gander around town is "wanna go get some ice cream/gelato/frozen-yogurt?" after DH and i traveled together for a couple of weeks, one of his favorite things to say was "you must have ice cream radar".

i suppose the radar came in handy when i zoomed in on the scream sorbet booth. there was quite an assortment of flavors to choose from:

i stood there kinda stupefied...trying to figure out which one (or ones) to have. the only flavor, at that time, that i thought i wasn't going to try was the coconut thai basil. it really didn't sound very appealing to me. the term "WTF" came immediately to mind when i saw the sign. yet, the friendly lady with kind eyes and the nice smile held out a scoop and asked if i would be interested in trying some. i kinda eye-balled the tasting spoon a bit. then i thought, "well, why not..i should try something new". you know what? that flavor was absolutely amazing. it was sweet, tangy, and absolutely refreshing....the melding of the flavors...and it was incredible. it was better than the six ice cream/sorbet tastes i had at slow food and it is absolutely on par to anything i've had at ici. now, those that haven't had dinner with me don't realize that i will plan entire dinner outings around being close enough to go to ici for dessert. i even take people to ici from out of town and make them stand in that all-to-frequent-gawd-awful-line. with scream sorbet, i think i've found a new destination spot.

the other flavor i tried was the dandy pluot...again, absolutely lovely taste with the sweet tangy taste of pluot at the forefront. wonderful, just wonderful. hmmm, i am actually bouncing right now...remembering it.

by the time i walked away from scream sorbet, digging into my wonderful scoops of coconut thai basil and dandy pluot sorbet, the cranky monster was nothing but a distant memory.

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