Wednesday, October 1, 2008

an apple a day....

somehow, i think those that follow the "apple a day..." adage will look a bit scornfully at me and my trying use homemade apple butter as a proper replacement for fresh apples...but oh well. homemade apple butter is what i had on hand today.

during one of the late nights recently, i was seized by the apple butter making spirits and made my first batch. hence, no pictures of me chopping local organic apples and simmering them with agave, two cinnamon sticks, a bit of vanilla, and organic brown sugar. my place smelled absolutely wonderful as it simmered though. sigh. i bet the neighbors were wondering who the hell makes an apple-cinnamon-thing near midnight. poor dears, i bet they are very confused at what goes on in my place. yet, i think i decided to make it because i needed to have a break from the projects....and there is something very comforting about the yummy smell of apples and cinnamon that makes late night working a bit easier to bear.

and today, was "i am recuperating" kind of day. work wise, i ended up doing all of the admin crap (i.e., organizing my emails/inbox/folders, uploading hundreds of files into the repository, etc.) i put off while finishing my projects. i call it crap because it is a bit mindless...yet, i like this step when i finish know, clean up...get that everything is all ready and fresh for the next project. this "no complicated thinking allowed" mentality carried over to food today. so hence, me breaking out the homemade apple butter

and spreading the yumminess on slices of toasted acme upstairs bread

i've actually eaten a lot of this today. yup, a lot. i think my body and mind is recovering from the projects and being sick. so hopefully, if i think positively enough...the apple butter will be enough to keep the doctor away.

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