Wednesday, October 22, 2008

bird's eye view at corso trattoria

i should begin by saying that the above pea sprouts pic has nothing to do with my posting. it is just a random shot i took a while ago. the best friend and i grabbed some dinner at corso this evening to celebrate her newly regained mobility. unfortunately, i didn't bring my camera...which was quite the tragedy because we were seated at the counter that had a full view of the small kitchen.

there are some people in this world who would not appreciate this sort of bird's eye view into the interactions of a kitchen...i am absolutely not one of them and neither is VF. we definitely enjoyed watching the grill and saute guy do his thing while providing us with recommendations on certain dishes. he was quite a showman and i had no idea we were going to have live entertainment with our dinner. our server was also super nice, attentive, and made lovely wine recommendations.

yet, lets get down to business. i have a feeling that what you really want to know is what did VF and i end up having for the yummerific celebration?

we started with the tasty salumi which they served with fresh figs...(my fave taste was the cured pork shoulder), then moved on to the light gnocchi pillows with braised duck and gaeta olives, a side of green beans with pancetta (everything tastes good with pancetta), then the lovely sugo with fresh tagliatelle, and our not-to-sweet desserts were the nectarine fruit tart and the olive oil cake.

because VF and i had a bird's eye view...we were able to scope out some other dishes that looked absolutely yummy and they included the mushroom pizza and the butternut squash ravioli. hmmmm, i have a feeling that we will be visiting corso again and next time i'll bring my camera.

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