Saturday, October 25, 2008

BLTs with B at delancey street cafe

i spent the afternoon with B today in the city. originally, we were going to discuss setting up a blog and social media accounts for him....yet, we ended up eating yummy BLTs with avocado (does that make it a BLTA?) at the delancey street cafe, talking about hong kong, and going shopping instead.

i had never been to the cafe before and everyone was super nice. i have supported other delancey street foundation businesses such as their moving service (which i've always had great experiences with btw)...yet, had never been to any of the restaurants or food establishments. i know that B is a fan of the restaurant and cafe since they are so close to his place. i'm pretty certain that we both admire the services that delancey street foundation provides....yet, it is also nice that the food and service is good. also, the cafe has a lovely outdoor eating space that makes you feel like you are eating in a park [a clean park that is]. as the weather was absolutely beautiful in sf today...munching away on salty savory bacon sandwiches in the sunshine was a welcome respite from all of the work i've been doing recently. it was also great to catch up with B and hear all of his recommendations and thoughts about hong kong since he conducted so much business there. i have a feeling that my trip will be quite an adventure. well, 'til later dear hearts.


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