Tuesday, October 21, 2008

bold flavors needed

i am not certain what it is about my interactions with the hong kong office that makes me want to grind my teeth and throw things across the room. i don't know...maybe it is certain execs asking for the same thing 10 different ways thinking that they will get their way. then i love the whole trying to go over your head and when they get nowhere, they still try.

it is like they don't understand...."this is not a negotiation". you can ask me a thousand different ways or try [note...the key word here is "try"] to manipulate me into a situation where you get your way...but the answer is still the same. i feel so american at the moment. i feel like i should just record myself saying "no" and just play it over and over again. i also feel rather insulted that they think i can't identify attempts at manipulation.

someone is going to lose significant face if they try to put me into a corner. i am not one that is afraid of a little conflict. i don't seek it out...but i'm not one to be bulldozed either. i get a sense that one hong kong exec in particular is used to the brits just rolling over. hmmmm, let me check....yup, i'm still american. i think the hong kong exec is going to have an absolute conniption when they see me. i should take a picture.

this particular exec is very fortunate that i have ethics...you know, i'm not going to do crappy work on the hong kong market just because the exec is driving me nutz. not everyone else would feel this way. so it was with this mindset that i tried to figure out what to eat today. i didn't have a lot of time so i needed it to be quick. i decided upon a spicy deviled egg sandwich. while my slice of acme upstairs bread was toasting in the oven, i quickly put the ingredients together......

two eggs, some organic mayo, yellow mustard, kosher salt and home made spice mix (i.e., cayenne, habanero, and black pepper). yet once i mixed everything together....

i thought about it some more and realized that i wanted a little extra color and flavor....so i added the chopped parsley....

then i decided that the flavors weren't nearly as bold as i was in the mood for....i was pretty worked up and wanted something to match what was going on....but "what to add?" after a moment of just scanning my pantry, my eyes lit on the dried tomatoes...perfect....talk about bold flavors....so i chopped a few strands and added it to the mix.

the toast was about ready at this point so i spooned my spicy deviled egg and tomato salad mix on top of the toasted acme upstairs bread.

it fit the mood perfectly. the crunch, the spice, the colors, the bold flavors.....yum yum. it soothed the beast. hmmmmm. now i just have to figure out what to eat when this happens again tomorrow.

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