Saturday, October 11, 2008

cheeky whippersnapper

after about 5+ hours working on my pie project (more about that later), i was starving. i also wanted to get out of the my place for a bit. alas, i wasn't paying attention to the time.... so i had to go against my typical anti-social behavior and actually eat during "prime time". in public. i tried stopping by a few places but they were just way too busy until i noticed that the massive rush hadn't hit cancun taqueria yet.

this is another place that RNYC introduced me to when i was a wee undergraduate. it has been through quite a few changes over the years....including going organic with their salsa bar and how they are A LOT more expensive now. my soda, crispy taco, and a side of rice was $10 bucks.

yup. $10 bucks. yet, i was pretty hungry and wanted to eat i ponied up the cash. after i had my dinner i decided to stop into the other change of hobbit to browse and visit the feral kitties they are fostering. yet, before i went to OCoH, i stopped into a local convenience store to pick up some mints....i knew i had some major salsa breath and didn't want to inflict that upon those at OCoH. OCoH is a pretty small store.

i went up to pay for my mints and the young cashier asked how my evening was going, and i said "good, how about you?" i am typically pretty polite. then, get this...his response is "actually i was feeling good until you walked in and now i'm feeling pretty excellent." i obviously gave him a look that was a mixture of disbelief and semi-sternness. i didn't give him my "you-are-something-i'd-wipe-off-my-shoe-look", he is so young! he wasn't slimy either. "i'm serious" he says quite earnestly. i don't think this young'un is even old enough to legally drink....and well, i'm not exactly old enough to be his parental unit...but i am not exactly his age either. then i realized that young egos are probably fragile so i gave him a small smile and said "thank you" and "have a good night" when he gave me my change.

i've decided that there is something in the berkeley water. it makes these young'uns quite cheeky.

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