Tuesday, October 14, 2008

coconut bliss: a good discovery

i've been eye-balling the offerings from coconut bliss for quite some time. i am always on the lookout for potential creamy frozen desserts for those loved ones that have to stay away from cow dairy products because they are lactose intolerant or because of other health restrictions. i was particularly interested in trying coconut bliss as they use agave rather than refined sugars.

the result is not ice cream. let me say that right now.

however, if you taste these desserts on their own....they are tasty. i also like these quite a bit more than some of the soy-based frozen desserts out there. the first coconut bliss flavor i tried was the naked coconut.

i was pleasantly surprised by the creamy texture. the coconut is very pronounced and it isn't overly sweet. yet, i noticed that after the 4th bite or so, i started to lose interest a bit.

i don't think this has anything to do with the coconut bliss dessert itself...but rather my preference for stronger flavors. i have similar feelings about vanilla ice cream. like vanilla ice cream, i think the naked coconut flavor would be very good as complement to something else....like some homemade conserves and a sprinkling of roasted nuts. or perhaps with some fried banana... or some roasted caramelized sweet potatoes....hmmm, there are lots of possibilities that i can think of. it would probably taste pretty darn good with some crushed pineapple as well....maybe a coconut pineapple smoothie? hmmmm, that does sound good doesn't it?

the next flavor i tried was the cherry amaretto. now this flavor, i didn't get bored with at all. it had a nice nutty and creamy cherry flavor.

it also didn't look super artificial either. overall, i think these are pretty good and i love how they are making these with agave.

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