Monday, October 6, 2008

everyday inspiration

last night, i was flipping through the october issue of everyday food and saw a pic/recipe for "hot cereal with apple butter and walnuts" on page 52. i realized that it had been a while since i made hot farina and i have never tried it with apple butter and/or nuts i thought "hey, i can use the last of the homemade apple butter! for something other than toast!" as usual, i didn't follow the everyday food recipe but rather my own.

i always make my hot farina with milk and a nub of plugra butter. i like my farina creamy. sometimes i add a bit of brown sugar, cinnamon, and orange zest (super good). sometimes, i'll just make it plain and then just drizzle agave on top (yum.)

yet, this time, i decided to add hazelnut agave rather than sugar to the farina as it was cooking. i thought the hazelnut agave would be a good complement for the almond slices that were toasting in the oven. when the farina was ready, it was very tempting to just eat it "as is". doesn't this look good?

yet, i was determined to try it with the last of the homemade apple butter. also, since the almond slices were freshly could i let them go to waste as well? so i spooned the apple butter on top of the creamy farina and then sprinkled on the almonds. this turned out very well.

it was very tasty. it was also a bit of a novelty to have the toasty crunch from the almonds as well. many thanks to everyday food for the inspiration!

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