Thursday, October 30, 2008

for me... it really is the thought that counts

maybe i get more pensive when i get tired and bleary-eyed...yet, i have been thinking a lot about this recently. i was thinking of some of my most memorable food moments. they actually are not super fancy dinners....although dinner at gary danko is nice. real nice. no doubt about it. yet, the other more quiet and less obvious moments are the ones that resonate the most with me.

moments like a delivery of homemade pasta to get me through a surgery, gifts of homemade hot chocolate mixes (since this is one of my favorite morning drinks), surprise treats to help me lift my mood during dark moments (like the above pic of the droga chocolate that the best friend gave to me a while ago), getting back from a meeting and there is a chocolate bar on my chair, or the super duper classic moment when MP pulled me out of a meeting so that she could give me some of the homemade indian food she cooked. the other folks in the meeting were very envious.

it really is the thought behind the moments....when that person takes a moment to say, "hey, i thought about you today" through their actions.

there are also the memorable moments that have nothing to do with someone making something for me or someone bringing me surprise treats.....for example, there was that day when i was completely stressing out right before a particular personal milestone event that i really didn't want to do and a loved one practically hog-ties-me-up, forces me to leave work early, and makes me go eat at la med in the filmore. nothing fancy. yet, it was something i needed but didn't even realize. is about the thought behind the moments....when a loved one looks at you...really sees you....and figures out how to care for you...when you forget to care for yourself.

there are also those food moments that are bittersweet. like the time...when someone [not a current or ex-lover btw] with limited cooking skills wanted to make me dinner. this can be quite a daunting task for some people. i fully realize this. so what does he do? he borrows a julia child cookbook from a co-worker...cooks an entire multi-course dinner two nights before he makes it for me. he wanted to practice cooking the dishes before he made them for me. was it very good? ahhh, well...hmmmm... lets skip that question shall we. nevertheless, it ranks right up there with one of my most memorable food moments because of the effort and thought involved.

what does this tell me? it tells me that despite the severely pissy mood that i've been recently....i really am quite fortunate.....and that despite some of the unpleasant thoughtless moments that have happened....there has also been some truly wonderful and thoughtful ones as well. hmmmm, i think that is enough ramblings from a tired and bleary-eyed foodie hunter.

nite for now.

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