Monday, October 20, 2008

homage to chicken liver mousse

there are very few people in this world where i would be willing to show up for dinner....having no idea what they plan to cook... and eat whatever they decide to make. CK is definitely one of those people. when the best friend sent a note asking if i would be interested in coming over to try out some of the dishes that CK was testing out upcoming wine maker dinner, i was all over it. i had no idea what CK was planning to make and i knew that it wouldn't matter. i just needed to figure out what wine to bring (which ended up being a 2005 rombauer napa valley zin). one does not bring a crappy wine to this kind of dinner.

CK is one of those home cooks that could be a chef if CK was so inclined. i mean a real chef, not the dozens of CCA graduates that are wannabes because they watched too much of the the food network. from my perspective culinary school does not automatically equal chef. ooooohhh, i think i hear knives sharpening ready to stab me. (anonymity is a good thing.) yet, you can put a knife in someone's hand, show them how to use it, but i don't think you can teach someone to have the soul of a chef. a chef equals someone who truly loves food ....approaches food creatively and well as consistently turns out dishes that impact the entire dining experience....from taste, texture, pairings to presentation. even some so-called professional chefs don't have this down. yet, CK does all of these things and everyone at the dinner last night were guinea pigs for a couple of dishes CK was trying out for an upcoming wine maker dinner at the mixing bowl. i don't want to spoil it for those who are planning to attend...yet, everything was yummy and lovely. i was particularly fond of the chicken liver mousse which may or may not be included in the next dinner. i happily took home leftovers which became the center piece of my decadent lunch today. as you can see below, i toasted some acme upstairs bread...then slathered on the mousse....and sprinkled a bit of fleur de sel on top...

admittedly, i may have gone a bit overboard with the accompaniments that included medjool dates, dried black mission figs, organic cherry tomatoes, cornichons, iberico cheese, and almonds....yet, it seemed an appropriate homage to the lovely mousse.

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