Thursday, October 23, 2008

i should be excited

well. i've booked my trip to the hong kong office.

i should be excited.

but i'm not.

my lack of excitement stems from feeling that the trip is already tainted by my interactions with certain members of the hong kong team. not exactly the best perspective going into the a business trip. i also have a sneaking suspicion that the trip isn't going to be worth the time (i.e., 30+ hours of travel time, the time away from current pressing projects, etc). i have a feeling that the ROI on this trip is going to be substantially small. some of you dear hearts, who have worked with me in the past are fully aware that i'm not big on inefficiencies. i don't like to waste time and i get a bit cranky when i think someone or someones are wasting my time.

this morning, after going through the various emails and such....i decided that i needed to eat something tart for breakfast. it is times like this where lemon curd comes in real handy. sometimes i'll spoon lemon curd on some yogurt but today, i wanted to have it on a toasted pain de mie bun.

so after toasting the split bun in the oven, i spooned some of the lemon curd on top of the halves...

key word here is "spooned"....i wasn't stingy with the curd. i think quite a few of you dear hearts will recognize the is the pretty inexpensive lemon curd from tj's. i like how their lemon curd is quite tart and it fit my mood perfectly today.

also, in keeping with the citrus theme....i had my lemon curd bun with earl grey tea.

while i was munching on my sweetly tart dessert-like dish for breakfast, i kept thinking that i'm going to have to figure out a way to make the best of this trip. i think i'm going to have to find that zen place and accept that these people are who they are and nothing i do is going to change who they are. i just hope that i find that place sooner than later. preferably before i arrive jet-lagged into the hong kong office.

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