Tuesday, October 7, 2008

play it again sam...

hmmmm. i am back from hanging out with SN in the city and am currently thinking that going to sleep sounds really good about now. yet before my head hits the pillow, i wanted to share with you some of the nibbles and nosh i had today.

i started my day with farina again. unlike yesterday however, i decided to make a sweet and spicy farina for breakfast this time. i started out by simmering some milk with a nub of plugra butter, agave, grated orange zest, freshly grated cinnamon (gotta love those microplane graters...i keep looking for things to grate), bourbon vanilla....and the new ingredient i added to the pot today was....cayenne pepper. are you surprised dear hearts? probably not...as i seem to add cayenne or dried habanero to almost everything. perhaps this is an addiction? should i be worried? maybe. maybe not.

i am not certain why i didn't think of this earlier. spicy hot addictions aside, it makes sense doesn't it? to also add cayenne to warm flavors like orange and cinnamon. i mean, folks do this with hot chocolate quite a bit....so why not try it in a hot creamy cereal? after this mixture was bubbling away, i slowly added the farina. after a few minutes of stirring......it was nice, thick, and creamy. yum yum.

yet, alas, that was not the end of my repeated dishes today.....hence the reason for naming this posting "play it again sam". i also had some of the leftover spicy fried eggplant on toast for a quick lunch.....

this too was supremely yummy. sigh. it is good to know i can still eat well when i'm feeling quite lazy food-wise. who knows what i will have tomorrow. but then again, i won't have to think about that for a few more hours.


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