Sunday, October 26, 2008

pumpkin paratha from sukhi's

as i mentioned a couple of days ago, i stopped off at the old oakland farmers' market and bought quite a few things from the sukhi's stall. one of the samples i tried that day was their pumpkin paratha with their spiced creme cheese paratha dip and their jalapeño chutney. the folks at sukhi's definitely know what they are doing when they pass out samples.....admittedly, that is a combination that i would have never bought without trying it. yet, i did try it...and i liked it. of course!

so this morning i decided to recreate that combination for my sunday brunch. i started out by slicing up the large pumpkin paratha and heating up two slices...

then smearing a bit of their paratha cream cheese dip.....

and then spooned their jalapeño chutney on top... isn't that pretty? it almost looks like a dessert doesn't it?

there is a lot going on with this combo of flavors..... the sweet, savory, and a heady amount of warm spices. while i enjoy the combo of flavors....i know that it isn't for everyone. in fact, i'm aware that other members of the family prefer to have only small tastes of the paratha and would likely forgo the accompaniments. yet, i find this combo really hits the spot when i am looking for some bold flavors.

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