Thursday, October 16, 2008


is it really only 6ish? i stayed up pretty late last night preparing for this morning's presentation and having midnight skype conversations with DH. it was one of those get to bed about 2ish or so and back online at 7am kind of days. as you can imagine, i'm a bit punchy at the moment.

after i presented this morning, i decided that i needed to take a breather. i ended up taking a short jaunt over to the cheeseboard to peruse their always yummy wares. i was not disappointed. the only difficulty in going to the cheeseboard is deciding what to get. i've been going here for years yet i still face this dilemma every time. all of the baked goods that i have eaten at the cheeseboard have been very good. today i decided upon the tomato, caper, and olive focaccia as i had never tried it before. it was crispy, fruity (from both the tomatoes and the olive oil), tart, salty, and absolutely lovely. hmmmm. it was just the comfort i needed.

[courtesy warning: those who just want to see foodie is probably a good idea to stop reading now.]

admittedly, there has been a few things on my mind addition to general work projects and the most recent presentation. normally, when i am in my "work mode", i am so focused that i don't even notice the hours as they go by.

yet, recently, i've been a teeny bit distracted with thoughts about how lucky i am.

i have been thinking quite a bit about how lucky i am to know and be close to a group of passionate, smart, intense, driven, and genuinely kind people. these are the people i love...these people who have been thrown many obstacles at certain points in their lives....sometimes unexpected, painful, beyond their control, and quite horrifying. yet, they pick themselves up...acknowledge the through it....and consciously strive to be good people. what is it that makes them so resilient and strong when faced with adversity? adversity that would break or irrecoverably change other people for the worse. there are also those loved ones that have been relatively fortunate [knock on wood] yet have this amazing sense of empathy and justice. yet, what is it about these people that i love that makes them want to make the world a better place? to not treat people badly? to not lash out at the world for the unfairness they have seen?

i get so angry at the gods, fate, the-whole-shebang... when i see those i love being hit with unexpected surprises.... whether it be callous unsupportive treatment by those who are suppose to "care" for them or
a whopper of a disease that makes me feel defiant and despair simultaneously. most of the time i say nothing about these feelings as i watch and listen closely... trying to figure out what support they need from me. at the end of the day though, i know that they will get through it with steely grace and be ok....because that is just who they are.

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