Saturday, October 4, 2008

soup at saul's

a very long time ago, RNYC introduced me to saul's.....before they remodeled. i was a wee undergraduate then, and well, RNYC was decidedly not.

those of you who have lived in berkeley for a looooooong time, probably remember when saul's was about 1/4 of the size it was now....when it was super tiny with tables jammed in the corridor and the smallish room in the back. this was my first intro to a new york style deli.

WAIT! I don't want to hear any sputtering or yelling from the new york people about a new york style deli in california...much less in the gourmet ghetto. please read on before you get all worked up....

now that i am a lot older and maybe a smidgen more worldly than that wide-eyed undergrad..... when i think of a new york deli... i think of zabar's. sigh. i love zabar's....even the little old ladies in their jewels and fur coats that try to mow you down with their carts can't deter me from enjoying zabar's. yes, i know zabar's is more than a deli...but you have to admit, the deli foods you get there are pretty wonderful. RNYC must have been super duper homesick to visit saul's. yes new york people...i know each new yorker has their own favorite deli that could not be possibly as good as any other deli. yet, you have to admit that at least i named a a place in new york...


i am a bit indebted to RNYC because it was at saul's that he introduced me to matzo ball soup. i remember thinking then, "where has this been all of my life?". i adore soup. i adore dumplings. i just had never had this variation before. these days, i hadn't been to saul's in ages and ages. yet, for some reason i started to get a hankering for the soup last week. so, i stopped in for a visit and see that they still offer quite a few items in their deli

and i ordered the soup and a lemonade. hmmm, i remember when the pickles used to be whole crisp and crunchy pickles rather than quarters i received. i find that very interesting. i also noticed that the lemonade has been a bit tasted like lemon-mint-ade. it was good though. thankfully though, the soup was still the same

still super clear chicken broth...with those two huge soft and squishy dumplings....hmmm. extremely comforting and very good. why mess with a good thing?

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