Sunday, October 19, 2008

stickin with guerilla

jb and i met up yesterday to talk pies, plays, and do some much needed catching up. we sat in front of the computers in my office for a while as jb picked out about 15 potential pie pics for the play's promotional materials. for those of you who aren't familiar with my pie quest, please feel free to visit here.

once that was out of the way, we decided to grab a bite at guerilla cafe.

i'm a fan of guerilla...not just because they seem to have a larger than average proportion of beautiful people that work there....but they also serve blue bottle coffee, good quality hot chocolate [dagoba], and good eats. one of my favorite things to order is the spicy dagoba hot chocolate

this shot was actually taken a few weeks ago. unfortunately they brought me a mocha by mistake yesterday but i didn't feel like going through the hassle asking for another one. there were a couple of unusual mis-steps yesterday. after they took our original order, they came back to us to say that they were out of what both of us wanted. so instead of having their polenta porridge, i had their waffle of the day....which was a cardamom waffle

their waffles are usually pretty yummy, here is a shot of their whole wheat orange waffle i had a few weeks ago..

again, i've been to guerilla at least a dozen times or so and this is the first time i've encountered any mis-steps. i almost didn't write about the experience. yet, i realized that i've taken quite a few people to guerilla over the past year... so most of you dear hearts, know that i enjoy the cafe and how the people are very nice. i suppose it is like any relationship. there may be a couple of hiccups but why abandon a good thing? you'll still find me at guerilla in the future.

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