Friday, October 24, 2008

true random eats from the old oakland farmers market

at 3am this morning, i kept thinking..."why am i in this job again?" but then by 3pm this afternoon, i thought..."oh yeah, i know why". not only do i like the people i work with (with a few exceptions naturally) but i also get to do things like go to the old oakland farmers' market in the middle of the day! i almost missed it too as i it ends at 2pm and i entered the market at 1:30pm.

as i knew that i had limited time ... i headed directly for the corner of 9th and washington and did a dead stop. scream sorbet wasn't at the usual corner! i felt like weeping....i was looking forward to having some scoops of scream sorbet all day. yet, i decided to head further down 9th to visit crepe & brioche...remember i only had 30 min, i could mourn later. good thing i was hustling as scream was there...they had just moved their booth so that it was further down on 9th. thank the gods! i asked the scream sorbet lady when they moved locations and she mentioned that they moved last week.

i ordered a scoop of the watermelon and the peach....

yuuuuummmmmm. it was sooooooo goooood. as i was savoring the sorbet, i also did some power shopping. i bought some ca-grown chestnuts from the winters table

did a drive by the charlie frank's pie booth for a couple of sweet potato pies.....

then found myself waylaid by the sukhi's booth.....and bought samosas, parathas, and some chutney.....

and ended my journey at crepe & brioche

the crepe & brioche guy is always nice and think he was feeling particularly playful today

don't you think?

anyway, after i left crepe & brioche, i took a couple of moments to take a breath and look at my purchases....

i obviously was such a sucker for the prepared foods today. yet i'm a happy sucker. when i got home, i heated up one of the samosas and spooned some the of sukhi jalapeƱo chutney on top as well as some coriander chutney i already had (btw: yes, i know how to make mint chutney from scratch...i made a descent batch for JS when i was in atlanta but i'm so not in the mood to cook anything right now).

hmmmmm. the samosa was really good.

after i ate the samosa i was still kinda hungry. this makes sense as i didn't have breakfast.....and the scream sorbet was my first tastes of the day. "what to eat next?" i thought to myself...should i have sukhi's pumpkin paratha? i knew that was tasty as i tried it at the sukhi's booth.....yet, i could hear the crepe & brioche breads calling to me.....and knew they would be good alone or with some tart lemon curd....

it was just a matter of picking which one....."should i pick the brioche or the croissant?" i knew they were both equally good. i ended up eating the brioche with lemon curd. what a random selection and order of food today! but it was lovely. i love living the bay is just too cool. i had and am having such a good time.

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