Monday, October 27, 2008

vote for you. for me. for us.

no worries, i'm not going to say "you should vote x for z candidate or ballot measure". i'm hoping that you'll just vote.

i'm hoping that you'll make a choice.... a choice for something that you can believe in.

we have....from the american perspective...this "right" to vote. lets think about this for a moment. we have this right to participate in a collaborative set of decisions that impacts "you", "me", and "us". we have this right to debate, openly discuss, openly disagree, and cast our vote...without worrying about being barred from the voting place, herded up, imprisoned, or shot.

or perhaps, look at it this way... if you don't like the outcome of x or y measure . . . do you really have the right to bitch about it later?

for those of you who follow my twitter page, you would have likely seen my "oh crap" moment when i realized that i would be in hong kong during election day. i've never been away from home during election day it was a bit of a jolt to realize that i better figure something out. hence, my applying to vote by mail. thank goodness the materials arrived today as i had told DH over the weekend that if they didn't arrive that i would be taking some time off this week to figure something hopefully vote early and in-person before i arrived in hong kong. i said this to DH despite the fact that this week is going to be absolutely crazy with preparations for the hong kong meetings next week. in fact, i knew it was going to be so crazy busy that i bought myself something that i could reward myself with every day.....

i bought a box of coco delice forais chocolates. i am going to eat one piece every day this week.

i am going to need it. these are soooooo gooood. the best friend introduced me to coco delice quite some time ago....and the forais (aka salty caramel and dark chocolate) was among my favorite tastes at the april sf chocolate salon event. i'm all about the rewards during chaotically busy times...and yummerific chocolate covered salty caramels definitely get my vote. how about you?

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