Friday, October 17, 2008

waddling home

hmmmm. i don't think i should make a habit of this. today was one of those days where i didn't eat anything until after i ate a pretty heavy meal for my late lunch/early dinner. i doubt i will be eating again today. somehow, i don't think having one large meal a day is very good for my metabolism. the lamb doner plate that i had at turkish kitchen was goooood though.

also, as usual, the wait staff was super nice. i suppose i should have tried some place new but i really didn't feel like it. i actually wanted to come back to turkish kitchen because the last time i visited with the family, we split the kazandibi or "bottom of the pan" dessert. the dessert was eaten in about 15 seconds or less.

we all seem to be fans of custard. big shock.

why didn't we each order a dessert? because, well...that was our first dessert...a mere dessert "taste" really. after leaving turkish kitchen, we walked to naia to grab some gelato for our second dessert. i suppose we all must have some hobbit blood streaming in our veins as well.

anyway, during today's visit, i deliberately passed up their yummy kisir [which pained me btw to miss out on] so that i could have an entire piece of kazandibi.

yum yum. it is similar to flan...except it is made with rice flour. yet another custard-y dessert to add to the foodie hunter's yummerific dessert list.

i know i shouldn't do this very often. my poor body. i totally waddled home. thank goodness for anonymity.

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