Tuesday, November 4, 2008

an american in hong kong

as soon as i arrived at my hotel a couple of days ago, i went out to look for snacks to help me get through the next few days...[see above pic]. interestingly enough, the majority of the snacks originated from japan and/or singapore. despite all of the press surrounding tainted foods appearing in hong kong, i didn't plan this. it just happened that way. i didn't realize that the majority of the snacks were manufactured in japan and/or singapore until i was back at the hotel. over the past couple of days i've been plowing my way through them. i think i'll need to make at least one more run before the end of my trip. these hong kong meetings are taking quite the toll.

this morning was a 3+ hour presentation. thank goodness i didn't have to give it. my presentation was yesterday. [note: i need a bit more distance from that experience before i talk about it]. before this trip to hong kong, i didn't know anyone that really wants to attend a 3+ hour meeting or even better....3+ hour meetings. as in plural. maybe it is just the culture of this office. personally, i think if you are going to have those sort of meetings than they sure as hell better be worth the time. somehow, i'm more inclined to think they are not. when i discovered the epically long meeting schedule yesterday, i was mourning the fact that i hadn't brought any of my snacks with me. especially when i found out that the hong kong people ordered pizza hut for lunch. i'd rather eat instant noodles.

so today in an effort to sweeten my temperament a bit, i brought one of the sweet tofu containers with me. it helped provide me with sustenance to get through the morning. yet, admittedly, instead of paying close attention to this morning's presentation....i was looking out of onto the stunning view of the water and the hong kong skyline from the hong kong's office's twenty-something floor and my mind was focused on the outcome the elections.

it is an odd feeling...to know that such a historic event was happening at home and there i was...in another culture, another world, sneaking peeks at the nytimes and sfgate on the progress of the election....and nary another american in the room to share it with. i was feeling very wistful. when i read online regarding the sheer number of people that decided to vote, i actually became a bit teary, sentimental, and proud of us. no matter the outcome of the election...it was the amount of people that voted that moved me. "finally." i thought to myself. something that stirs us up.....enables us to believe that we can make a difference...that we have choices....that we can impact what happens to us. perhaps i felt this more strongly as here i am....an american in hong kong. i've always said that i always feel the most "american" when i am in another country. i wish i could have been home....talking to loved ones...and share in this absolutley epic moment in our history.

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