Sunday, November 16, 2008

chili crab on temple street

on the kowloon side of hong kong there is a night time market at temple street. BF had recommended heading over to kowloon to visit one of the night time i hopped on the subway (which is really easy to figure out btw) at the causeway bay station....transferred at central...and then exited the subway at jordan station. first thing i noticed right away is that this side is grittier than the areas i've been to on the island. it also appears quite a bit less crowded. before walking through some of the street stalls, i decided to grab something to eat at one of the food places that provided tons of outdoor seating. i wanted to eat before it got too crowded.

after walking around the food places within a 2-3 block radius...i had pretty much decided on temple spice crabs as it was the most hopping and had a mix of foreigners and non-foreigners.

alas, after trying to get an older female server to help me (she wasn't very helpful...and would end up helping groups of 2+ to sit....i figured this out after the second time)....i decided to change tactics. so after a moment of watching some of the other servers...i honed in on a young man and asked him very softly if he could help me. i smiled a lot.....and well, what do you know?

i got a table, menu, and my order done real quick.

wow. who says the foodiehunter can't learn? especially when the foodiehunter is very hungry and thinks another server is being really stupid. i guess like po in kung fu panda (which i saw on the plane)....i suppose i had to find the right motivation to figure something out.

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Victoria said...

Even though I'm not remotely hungry this morning (go figure), that picture is enough to convince me to go to Hong Kong.