Thursday, November 20, 2008

"damn, i wish i was your lover...."

do you remember this song? it was quite a while ago.

it completely slipped my memory until i was out and about with a friend and loved one for lunch. while we were chatting and trying to decide what to order....our waiter walks ask if we are ready to order. i didn't even look up from my menu as the waiter sidled up next to me....i had no idea what he looked like...yet, i could smell his cologne. a very familiar cologne that i have spent hours smelling on a lover....a particular lover that i remember lying next to....and watching them sleep until the dawn.


memories hit me so hard that i felt myself become very unsettled in my chair. i remember lying there... watching silently...wanting to savor and remember the moment. hmmmm, the old saying "be careful what you wish for" definitely came to mind...."what the hell? this is bloody awkward." i thought to myself. "i'm in a freakin' restaurant for lunch for gad's sake. i do not need this to happen NOW." maybe i should have wished for remembering the moment in a bit more appropriate circumstances. perhaps it is a good idea to insert specific clauses and loop holes when it comes to wishes.

yes, i have decided. loop holes and escape clauses are a good thing. let this be a warning to everyone!

nothing like the gods having fun by whacking you with the equivalent of a spiritual 2 x 4.

in a public restaurant.

because it was at the beginning of the lunch, i definitely had to gird the loins every time the waiter stopped by. yet, to be clear, i had no desire or intention to jump the bones of the waiter. not at all. he was not really significant in this whole it was all about the memory. sigh. as a result, i really wasn't able to eat very much and think i will be avoiding that particular restaurant in the future. double sigh.

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