Friday, November 14, 2008

foodiehunter: the crazy foreigner with the camera

i know that there were quite a few times during my trip to hong kong where folks looked at me and thought in mandarin "what is that crazy foreigner taking a picture of?"

sometimes it is good to be a foreigner so that you can pretend that you don't see the looks of puzzlement...or see other people stop what they are doing to see what you are taking a picture of. for example, my first day in hong kong it was pouring. just pouring...yet, i was determined to walk around with only a hat and i took a few shots. this was my introduction to hong kong.

another time, i was granted what was suppose to be a 90 min reprieve from the office so i bolted out of the skyscraper....desperate to find something to eat that had no resemblance to the pizza hut that the hong kong office employees had appeared that they were trying to cater to the brits and aussies. as the only american in the bunch, i bet they thought that they were catering to me too. they obviously don't know me.

thankfully it wasn't raining that day as i was ducking into alleys and such....

seeing so many folks lounging within the outside sections of eateries. i would later learn that this is quite or night....

i was wandering with a pseudo-purpose....i had 90 min to absorb some of this amazing city and find a random noodle place to eat.

i actually circled the area around Wing Kee Noodle a few times....and watched who was going inside. it looked like mostly older folks and students...which spoke "bargain" to me. so inside i went...and asked the wait staff if they provided english menus. i was in they did.

there was a lot of pointing involved in the ordering process. then the nice waiter put a copy of my order of egg noodles with beef balls in a cup....which i would later take to the cashier.

i ended up sharing a tiny table with 3 elderly ladies. the elderly ladies were very puzzled at my whipping out the camera throughout my meal.

yet, after a a while got used to it...especially when they realized that i wasn't taking pictures of them.

it was pretty yummy and only 20 hong kong dollars....which is a bit over $2 USD. not bad huh? it was a heck of a lot better than the stuff that the office had ordered. alas, everything came to an abrupt halt as i received a buzz on the blackberry indicating that a meeting was starting earlier than i headed back to the office. my adventure cut a bit short....but would continue later on.

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