Sunday, November 2, 2008

foodiehunter has no game

i believe i have mentioned this before. my social skills regarding flirting are quite lacking. unfortunately, this lack of skill became front and center during the beginning stage of my trip to hong kong.

my flight was at 85% my row mate and i ended up having two empty seats between us.both of us were traveling alone and had chosen aisle seats. when the doors closed, we immediately looked at each other...completely thrilled that there were these empty seats between us. i think we both took it as an indication that that the long flight was going to be more pleasant.

over the course of the 14+ hour flight, we actually took turns sleeping across 3 of the seats. here we were... two complete strangers working together to make the trip a bit more bearable. it also helped that the food wasn't too bad...i think us-based carriers economy class is more like....cattle class. taking economy on other european or certain asian airlines is still relatively pleasant. they, unlike us-based carriers, seem to still make an effort for the food. here is a shot of my dinner....

and breakfast...

oddly enough, my row mate and i didn't end up really talking until the flight was over. the conversation didn't turn away from coordination of sleeping until we were through with customs and waiting for our luggage to come out of baggage claim. we talked about our respective trips and such. he was planning to go to his hotel in hong kong for about 6 hours before heading back to the airport. his journey was going to stop in singapore. he indicated to me that he was going to go look for a bite to eat and we talked about where i was staying.

i think this is the part where i was suppose to say something like "would you be interested in having some company for breakfast?". it was 7am at this point. for someone who evaluates opportunities for a living....i sure as hell didn't identify that one. i must have some kind of mental deficiency when it comes to identifying personal opportunities. i mean really, here was this very attractive, articulate, professional, and thoughtful (figured this one out through the sharing of the impromptu sleeping area) guy with a nice easy smile from the bay area who travels internationally for his job....and i just let that opportunity go right by.

for example, i still have no idea what his name is. sigh.

i suppose there is a version of me in some alternate universe that would have picked up on the flow of the conversation and actually been all suave and initiated us having breakfast together. but i actually didn't realize i could have said something like this until after the car service picked me up and i was on the way to my hotel (see the first pic of this posting). i am so out of my league with this sort of stuff.

yet, the whole experience did make me laugh at myself though. i bet my driver thought i was kinda crazy....there i was....just sitting there, shaking my head at the lost opportunity and softly chuckling to myself. it made for quite a start to the trip...and it was with this good humored frame of mind that i looked at hong kong for the first time....

..and this allowed me to see how beautiful this city is, even in the rain.

perhaps things are going to turn out ok after all.

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Victoria said...

Ha! ha ha ha ha!!!

p.s. Things for the foodiehunter to do: get some game.