Sunday, November 9, 2008

foodiehunter says good bye to hong kong

hmmmmm. we are about to board in about 20 min. i'm typing very fast. i've been away from my computer all day as it was in the hotel storage and i'm feeling a bit of withdrawal. i must get my fix. from a personal perspective, my visit to hong kong has been amazing. i would love to come back with loved ones for the sole purpose of vacation. it is an exquisite city. i hope the above shots provide a flavor to how busy this city is.

before i board the plane, i just wanted to give a shout out to hong kong-based dude w of the whine and dine blog who pointed me in the direction of wellington street and mak's noodle house.i really enjoyed myself at mak's noodle house...which is a rather famous hole-in-the wall

with absolutely yummerific shrimp wontons. i had their noodle soup with beef brisket and wontons...

the wontons were hidden at the bottom of the bowl....

as you can see, i gobbled it down quite quickly.

i was also quite fortunate as i sneaked in before the crowd. so early that some of them were still making some of the dumplings at the tables

it actually became quite crowded as i paid the cashier. i must admit that i have actually taken tons and tons of pics...but alas, i am too tired to go through them all. i'll be posting them throughout the week and later on flickr.

while i am a bit sad to say good bye to hong kong, i must also admit that i am very happy to be heading home. it has been quite a long and emotionally draining trip. it will be good to be home. many hugs to all of you dear hearts and see you soon.



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w. said...

hey! glad to see you enjoyed mak's and hong kong - or as much as you got to see outside work at least ;P gimme a holler when you next make it back, hopefully you'll get to see (and eat) a bit more then!