Sunday, November 30, 2008

hangin' out in the ATL

i seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time in the ATL or the land of coca-cola. at this moment, i am blogging from a gate....hoping that my flights to ORD and SFO will be on time.

we shall see.

i spent more time than i liked yesterday evening at this airport. once we returned from mexico, we ended up waiting for over an hour and half for my bag at baggage claim. the friend and loved one was very the ATL is "his airport"...he knew all about he secondary security checkpoint once you get off the plane and the airport's various he didn't check a bag.

alas, if i had only done the same.

yet, there is something about a group of weary travelers that provides a means to establish unlikely connections and quirky conversations. while i was watching the same unclaimed bags go around and around on the carousel, a woman from honduras struck up a conversation with me. she recognized me from our flight from mexico city. we were lamenting on the wait. i mean, what else can you do at this point? the friend and loved one was a few feet away....checking email on his blackberry so he wasn't privy to the conversation.

at one point, she turned the conversation to my ethnic background (note: for those who don't know me very well this happens a lot. QUITE A LOT.)...and after a few incorrect guesses on her part, she said "you know, you're really pretty." this took me aback.... "uh, thank you?" i guess. i quickly turned the conversation to her and where she was from. this is when she told me that she was from honduras and had been living in atlanta for 25 years. she asked me if i was based in atlanta and i told her that i was visiting a i jerked my head toward him. she looked over and then she said in a conspiring kind of whisper "he's cute" with an approving nod.

i had to give a cheeky grin.

he and i have been friends for such a long time that folks [both male and female] have made these sort of comments to me quite often over the years. they also make a lot of assumptions about us as well. instead of going into saying something like "uhhh, we don't have that kind of relationship". i just said "thanks!" snickering to myself while she walked off with her bag.

sometimes, things really aren't what they appear to be.

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