Tuesday, November 11, 2008

home is where the heart is

funny isn't it? now that i am home i find myself eating fast food thai. i also had a burger from oscar's last night. i haven't really felt like cooking since i've been back as i have been dealing with work and massive jet lag. i have also been feeling a bit sentimental.

thankfully, i am back home. the flight back home was a bit more eventful than i would have liked. there was a particularly memorable moment where the plane hit an air pocket and well...the plane dropped for a while. so we were floating in the air. this is why seat belts are a good thing.

i think we learn a lot about ourselves in moments like this.

amongst some of the yelling from fellow passengers, a couple of those laughing hysterically, i felt an unexpected sense of calm just pour over me. what did i think about? did i think about regrets? would-have-beens? could-have-beens? shoulda-woulda-coulda? nope. i did not. i thought about those that i love and found myself thinking...."everyone that i love knows that i love them." this provided me with the unexpected peace. then i just thought about each person and whispered "i love you".

interesting to find out what goes through your head when you think it is your time to pass on....isn't it?

i think i can safely assume that everyone was very glad when the plane pulled up and we were back in our seats. the remaining 3+ hours were still fairly bumpy...but at least the other air pockets weren't as intense. apparently, the pilot wanted us to get through that area as fast as possible since we ended up back at SFO an hour a head of schedule. i am grateful that the crew pulled us through. as we landed in SFO i felt such incredible relief and told myself that i'd actually be honest about the experience so that way...if something does happen, dear hearts...you will know that you are in my thoughts and in my heart.

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