Saturday, November 8, 2008

macau egg tarts in a sci-fi world...

i am back in the room for a quick break and a re-charge of batteries. i feel like i'm in a cyberpunk novel as the weather on the ground is quite different than the weather in my temporary abode. the weather on the ground is humid, with a light breeze at times that allows you to smell the various pollution, cigarette smoke, bodies, and sewers a bit more. then i go up in the elevator in this swanky hotel and when i enter my room....i see light. these are the first bright rays of sunlight i have seen all week. the hong kong office is also on the twenty something floor facing the harbor....but it is always a bit dim in the office...while in my temporary home, the light just shines in.

i'm even wearing my sun glasses while i munch away on these macau tarts....i love how they are done with puff pastry....

as i munch on these absolutely yummerific portuguese influenced egg tarts...(i.e., from Lord Stow) i cannot help but think about post-colonialism and how so many countries have influenced this city. so many countries that i had no awareness of. for example, i have not seen an abundance of "made in china" products within central hong kong and by causeway bay.....i have seen "made in italy, or romania, or turkey", etc.) but not so much "made in china" or "made in hong kong". even in the local grocery stores. i find that quite fascinating. i wonder what will happen after 2047.

in some ways, i have felt very odd to be in this room that would house at least one large family. talk about conspicuous consumption. yet, i must also admit that this room has also been a lovely oasis away from the chaos of the office and it does provide some distance from the hustle and bustle when i need it. well, rest time is over....i'm off to visit a evening market in kowloon.

til later dear hearts.

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