Wednesday, November 19, 2008

midnight ramblings: making things happen...

sunday seems like it was a year ago.

a lot has happened the last few days as i rush to try to finish some projects before i go on vacation next week. also, a loved one was also in town all too briefly. yet, i am glad that i had a chance to see them and catch up on what is going on in their lives.

alas, no pictures on this posting....but after the last pic heavy posting i think i can be forgiven.don't you?

despite the rushing to finish things before leaving on vacation, i wanted to write about people that make things happen.

it has been on my mind quite a bit recently.

last sunday night was a prime example of this. as i posted earlier, CK figured out a way to make cooking work for her. CK's full time job isn't in the food industry. not at all. yet, with the launch of the first winemaker dinner on sunday, CK figured out how to obtain a creative outlet that definitely showcased her skills. on sunday, the food was superb. dishes such as pecan crusted pork belly with faro....persimmons with bresaola ...mushroom pasta (always a winner with me)....and caramelized apple napoleon...were absolutely wonderful. i sent a message to the loved one from out of town (who had just arrived in the city)...and the message read "dinner is amazing. pork belly."

i think that really says it all.

the next evening when i caught up with the visiting loved one over dinner at out the door....i had a difficult time eating a lot...because...well, i was still full from the night before. i have a feeling i am not the only one who didn't eat very much on monday. it was over dinner at out the door, that i was again thinking about someone else that made things happen for them. for him, it was two years of risk, sacrifice, and hard work. he pursued a dream and made it happen. he had no idea if it was going to work out....and to step off a career track is no little thing. particularly for one as driven as he. yet he did...and is already moving towards accomplishing some amazing things. it makes me so happy for him.

i suppose this is a reminder as well, that sometimes....things really do work out.

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