Saturday, November 1, 2008

plenty of protein

i hate being hungry on planes. being hungry on a plane is absolutely positively not fun. not at all.

unfortunately, this happened to me a couple of times and i now take the time to ensure that i have snacks with me and that i eat before i board. yet this philosophy is a double-edged sword....sometimes, like this evening, i find myself overeating before boarding my flight to hong kong.

i'm pretty full at the moment.

as you can see from the above pic, i didn't pick any "light foods"....but rather hearty protein-packed foods from the lois dinner counter at SFO. what is not to like about scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, hash browns, and an "english" muffin? not something i'd want to eat everyday mind you....but when i am going to board a flight that is 14 hours long.....i think i'm going to need all of the support i can get. i'm also guessing that this overwhelmingly full feeling will help me sleep on the flight.

i suppose this trip to hong kong is really happening.


it really is.

double sigh.

i still have mixed feelings about the trip....yet, i hope that i'll be able to slip my captors at some point. i'd love to be able to eat some good food and take some decent pics without any drama. perhaps i'll get more excited when i see the skyline, eat some good food, ..or the experience the hustle of the city. there are certain cities that energize is one of the reason why i love new york and paris so much. maybe...just maybe....the city will overcome some of my trepidations about the meetings i will be having. maybe the hong kong will be like a welcome friend after a hard day.

i live in hope.

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w. said...

i hope you manage to escape your captors too! HK definitely qualifies as one of those cities that energize me - there's something about the clean stark lines of postmodern architecture juxtaposed with the gritty, dingy side streets and back alleys which I love.

Hope you have a good trip, I look forward to your pictures!