Thursday, November 27, 2008

waiting on the board to change

hmmmm. finally made it to merida. unfortunately, it took a bit longer than expected to reach merida.

well, stopping over in the ATL on tuesday for a day/evening was expected. the plan was for me to meet up with a friend and loved one in atlanta and then we would take a flight out of the ATL to merida via mexico city. the flights themselves [thankfully] were very uneventful. just how i prefer them to be.

the flight from ATL to mexico city on aeromexico was only about 3 hours yet they fed us.....

interesting how different the food and such is on non-us carriers isn't it?

alas, then we landed in mexico city and we found that our flight was delayed for a couple of hours so we descended on one of the airport bars.

it seems that the mexico city airport has undergone a bit of a face lift recently. it looks very modern and the bar reflected a combination of uber-modern and not.

as i was uncertain how long we were going to be hanging out for....i ordered the tacos dorados...

i don't like being hungry when i travel...although, the best friend has pointed out that i don't like being hungry at any time. true, so true.

anyway, as it became later and later....we ended up parking ourselves and our bags in front of one of the electronic monitors.....

the last word we heard was that our flight was set to leave at 11:15pm...but alas....right up until 11:00pm...there was no gate information posted. i was having this feeling of deja vu. this happens to me each time i am traveling through the frankfurt airport. this is not fun. one has to hang around in a somewhat central location and then run like a banshee to the gate. admittedly, i was getting quite nervous since neither of us speak spanish and the announcements re: merida were being made in spanish only. i think the aeromexico people assumed that if you were hanging out at the mexico city airport after were probably spanish language speakers.

so there we were...just staring at this board...willing it to change and we could quickly get to the appropriate gate. the last thing i wanted to do was spend the night in the airport. i didn't want to experience some cheesy movie cliche.

yet, thankfully, it did change and all was well.

we arrived in merida well after 1am and our driver was there waiting....i was so glad to see my name on the placard...i could have wept for i was so tired. our steady driver desposited us at the hotel and even banged on the very locked hotel door for us. i doubt i would have had enough effort to do, i had already pre-warned the hotel about the possibility of very late check-in. despite being very crabby and tired...when we walked through the hotel, i could see how stunning it is. hopefully, i'll be able to post some pictures of the hotel later on. i'm especially looking foward to taking a wash in the massive even has a huge window (see above pic) that gives you a sense of showing outside (in seclusion of course).

well, dear hearts....i hope all is well with you.....and i'm definitely thinking of you as i start the thanksgiving day in merida. 'til later.

with much love.


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