Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"are you a writer?"

it is lovely to be home. i enjoyed merida tremendously, yet it is nice to have access to my kitchen again and make yummy comforting food. i was very fortunate to also be able to catch up with the best friend this evening for an impromptu dinner.

for our dinner, i made us

  • a roasted beet, pear, and apple salad with a fairchild tangerine vinaigrette
  • fresh lemon pasta with roasted roman beans, roasted garlic cloves, wilted arugula, egg, and red pepper flakes sauteed with olive oil and irish butter
it was goooooood. alas, no pictures....yet, it felt really wonderful to be in the kitchen again. i missed it quite a bit. the best friend and i lingered over a bottle of wine, digesting the food....and then decided that we should go out for a decadent dessert.

for dessert we stopped by cesar's which is one of my berkeley faves. i have been going here for years. it was perfect way to end the evening. i ordered the cinnamon chocolate ice cream as well as the mexican coffee (i.e., coffee with kahlua, tequila, and topped with some cream...yummerfic) and the best friend ordered the hazelnut ice cream.
both desserts were very good. toward the end of our visit, a staff member dropped off the check and then he asked me "are you a writer?".

i think my heart skipped a beat.

my immediate thought was "have i been outed?

i've been so careful about my identity on the the foodie hunter blog. then i calmed down a bit and did my typical answering a question with a question "why would you ask me that?" was my response. then the server said, "oh, i thought you looked familiar....like you may have written for the guardian." then came the relief. "nope, not me. thanks for asking though." the best friend appeared quite tickled and said she would have had a good laugh if he had asked me about the blog. yeah, she would have gotten a good laugh while i would have been slightly horrified.

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