Friday, December 26, 2008

just because it's christmas

the presentations went well and the last day of work was on the 24th. the last few of days have been absolutely lovely with the best friend and i roasting wild ducks on the evening of the 24th....then i consumed large amounts of heavy comfort food at BF and DBs white elephant party on the 25th, and then sharing huge amounts of chocolate and such today with the family. i am just starting to realize that i don't have to be back at work until the 5th....that that is such a wonderful thing to realize. the "christmas movie" i watched was "love actually"...which a bit of an unusual choice...but alas, it seems quite appropriate for my sentimental mood at the moment. there is a scene that i've embedded below that i think fits my sentimental mood and is quite bittersweet. i suppose, if there is a time of year to feel sentimental and all cheesey, it is now....because, well...because it's christmas.

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