Thursday, December 4, 2008

bowl of tea

instead of pouncing on my work computer a few seconds after the eyes opened this morning, i decided to take a leisurely moment and make a bowl of tea. as i heated the water in a pan, my eyes wandered over the various teas i have in my cupboard. my eyes rested on the mariage freres earl grey french blue tea. i had recently purchased this tea as a travel treat. i enjoy small comforts such as nice teas when i travel. the more i travel, the more i realize how the smallest things can help pass the time.

once the water was heated through, i placed the muslin filled tea bag into the bowl and immersed it with the heated water.

the lovely aroma surrounded me and i was taken back to the last time i drank this tea....which was not that long ago. it is hard to believe that the last time i had this tea was just earlier this week, on sunday about 4:30am....

i was waiting for the cab to come pick me up at a friend and loved one's place and take me to ATL so that i could return to the bay area. thankfully, he was still sleeping as he was scheduled to fly to new york later that day. both of us were quite weary from the return flights from mexico and stayed up a bit too late eating pizza and watching hellboy. i remember thinking at that gad awful hour in the morning "i'm almost home....just a couple of more flights." yet, at the same time, i knew that i would miss spending time with him. funny how life doesn't turn out how we expect sometimes. if you had told me 8-9 years ago, when we were editors, that he and i would be having these non-publishing jobs where we fly around the world and we'd hang out in-between trips, i probably would have just rolled my eyes. yet there i was, at 4:30am in the morning, drinking a gigantic cup of mariage freres tea in his atlanta kitchen, having just returned from mexico, on my way well as knowing that he'd be starting his latest multi-city tour of major US cities later in the day.

interesting how i am remembering all of this as i sippped at my bowl of tea this morning. yet, i also found myself moving my fingers around my warm bowl of tea, seeking a bit of comfort as well as bringing me back to the present moment.

"that is enough for now" i thought to myself. "it is time to start the work day".

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