Friday, December 19, 2008

bun bo hue. exactly what i needed

went to bed at 1am. back up at 5am. presentation at 7am. presentation over by 9. 9 ish...i felt drained and starving. i thought, "what do i need? i need something really good today for breakfast." i hopped in the shower, got ready and by the time i was on BART, i knew where i needed to go. i needed to go to kim huong in oakland (off of 10th and harrison) for the bun bo hue.

for me, bun bo hue cures all aliments. warm, comforting, and spicy. i was the first customer today when i walked in about 10am and i ordered the massive bowl...extra spicy. the owner lady...provided an extra condiment today....not traditional..but super yummy....she provided a in-house made chili paste made with habaneros. this was very good.

i love coming here. if it was closer to me, i'd probably be in here a hella lot more often. the people are so friendly. the bun bo hue is excellent. i haven't had anything outside of the bun bo hue. i can't help myself. as i've mentioned before, it took me years to find a good bun bo hue it is kinda hard to order anything else.

when my giant bowl arrived...i sighed. then salivated. then sighed again. yum. yum.

doesn't that look so good? i slurped away...happy as i could be. i told the owner lady when i was finished that it was exactly what i needed. because it truly was. it filled me with such warmth and comfort...and i'm still full now...hours and hours later. truly amazing...the power of food to transform a state of being.

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