Friday, December 5, 2008

last week in merida

yup. it is past 3am at the moment and i am trying to wind down for the night. it is difficult to believe that last week i was in merida. it seems like merida was a very long long time ago. i am hoping that by revisiting this not too long ago trip, some of the relaxation and warm memories will ease some tension and allow me to make the transition to a decent night sleep.

i think my favorite day in merida was when JS and i randomly wandered around. we had no idea where we were going. absolutely none. yet, we had a map on us in case we got lost...which is always a good thing. i adore wandering around an unfamiliar city with no agenda....having no idea what is beyond the next corner or the next block. merida is a lovely walkable city filled with many contradictions....such as having practically immaculate structures

next to worn but still lovely buildings. also, i found that you never quite know what the buildings many of them house these courtyards that are treasures within themselves....

i would have never guessed that these courtyards existed from the tiny sidewalks on the bustling streets.

one of the best wandering moments was when we entered this huge concrete structure....and realized we entered a market

i immediately went darting around and taking shots here and there. some folks were giving me quizzical looks as i don't think many tourists visit this market.

after we wandered around and met up again, JS said "fuckin' awesome"...which i think summed up the experience quite nicely.

surprisingly, after wandering around some more for a couple of hours we found ourselves near the main plaza. i say surprisingly because neither one of us has the greatest sense of direction. lets be honest here shall we? anyway, at this point it was supremely i was all about having a sorbeto at the ice cream place on the main plaza and JS was agreeable. after we took our seats outside, i ordered the tamarind sorbeto....

and JS ordered something that tasted like "red hot" candy. he didn't finish his...but oh boy did i finish mine. it was a yummerific combo of sweet, tart, and cold...which is just what i needed. despite the cool temperature of my place in the gourmet ghetto (which i am trying to offset with the space heater at the moment)....the tarmarind sorbeto sounds really good right about now. sigh. perhaps it is the relaxation and the state of mind that i am really hankering for. hmmmm, maybe i'll just dream about it... because that is what merida trip feels like right now...a kind of fuzzy dream.

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