Wednesday, December 17, 2008

little spitfires

after i submitted the analysis reports for a couple of the execs today, i decided that i really really really needed to take a break. so i trotted over to visit comic relief for a bit...and then stopped off at other change of hobbit (OCoH) to pick up some trashy sci-fi as well as visit the kitties

aren't they cute? they were out in full force today. i must say that visits to OCoH are so much easier now that super flirty whippersnapper no longer works there. there are only so many times i can scratch my head at the adorable young man who looked at me like i was some kind of dessert and would ask me if i needed help, like 4-5 times, while trying to talk to me about my comic purchases from next door. anyway, after my visit to to OCoH, i decided it was time for some lunch. as it was right during the "prime" lunch time, i found myself wandering around downtown looking to grab a bite to eat. i started to get a hankering for the salsa bar at cancun. "well, why not?" so i dropped by and ordered my usual (i.e., crispy taco with a side of rice and a horchata).

it really is all about the salsa bar at cancun. sooo many to choose from. my faves are the inferno salsa (made with habaneros) and the cucumber salsa. the inferno salsa is the small mound of red stuff on top of the rice. while i was munching away on my lunch today, oddly enough, the salsas reminded me of the last time i kid-sat the munchkins. they are such smart little spitfires. i love them so dearly.

something i've learned over the years being a god parent is you always back up the parents. always. no matter how cute the munchkins are...they will always test you to see if you'll back their parents. you can set your watch by this. this definitely came into play during my last visit, when the monkey boy was attempting to eat a spicy piece of chicken...and had drank all of his milk. the heart sister hadn't left for her event yet, so she was still at the table...telling the monkey to stop eating the chicken if it was too spicy as he wasn't going to get more milk. (background note...sometime the kiddies try to fill up on beverages instead of eating) she told him to eat more of the other stuff to cut the spice. yet, you know what happened when the heart sister left the house for her event? monkey boy looks at me, takes a bite of the spicy chicken, and starts yelling for more milk.

right on schedule. fun times.

my calm response: "no."



"I WANT MORE MILK" he says as he stuffs a napkin in his mouth.

"what did i just say? i am not going to repeat myself. if you want to cut the spice, you should eat the other stuff."

"It burns!!!"

"Next time, you shouldn't take a bite of the chicken when you already know it is too spicy."

monkey boy gets over it extremely quickly. like it never happened. meanwhile, the pig pen is looking across the table at us with her wide blue eyes.

her turn would come later.

it is a well known fact that my darling little pig pen tries to avoid bed time. yet, i have a bit of a head start over my darling on the stubborn factor...i've had decades of experience at being stubborn...while she has only just begun. i usually find my "special place" where i become something resembling a zen monk before i put her in the crib. as soon as she goes in the crib, the wailing begins. my goodness she has a set of lungs on her. i go through the motions pretending that there isn't this angelic-looking child yelling at the top of her lungs.

as i prepare to leave the room, this is when i realize that her bedroom lamp has changed...and i'm trying to figure out how to turn it off. do you know what my lovely little pig pen does? she stops wailing and earnestly tells me how to turn off the lamp oh so nicely and politely. i say "why thank you, sweetie" and then turn off the light. once she sees that i have figured it out, she decides to return to wailing.

"good night sweetie, i love you. see you in the morning" i say as i walk out of her room, close the door, and try not to bust my gut laughing.

sigh. little spitfires. love them dearly.

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