Tuesday, December 30, 2008

obviously i'm on vacation

the last couple of days have been incredibly mellow. no presentations given to people in 5 countries simultaneously at 6am pacific time...no projects that have to be done by midnight pacific time (i.e., 8am uk time)....no looking at my email inbox wondering how the heck a hundred or so emails managed to pile up in a course of a few hours...

this is vacation. this is vacation at home no less. hence, no sitting in airports...staring at an electronic board...wondering when the heck my delayed flight is going to arrive/depart and wishing that i understood spanish. it is probably because of the lack of running around that i've become so sentimental this year. more time to actually take a breath and just sit with my high paced self. yet, this vacation has also been an excellent opportunity to catch up with friends and loved ones. today was a catch up day with SN....and we knew we were on vacation when it was a tuesday afternoon and we were having burgers and beer at The Monk's Kettle in the Mission.

i ordered the affligem noel (belgian dark beer)

which i liked...and then ordered the lamb burger (i.e., lamb pattie with tzaziki sauce) that was different, but not in a bad way.

there was a spice in the lamb that reminded me of star anise of all things. the only reason why i noticed it was it is not a flavor that i would normally associate with a burger. also, if you keep track of these sort of things, the bartender A has a great smile and is very attractive. it seems she is one of the regular bartenders there.

SN ordered the chicken "burger" that included bacon and brie....and mentioned that it was pretty good.

we were all about the comfort food today and also wanted to go somewhere with a good beer selection.

despite being pretty stuffed after our meals, i wanted to have some ice cream. i seem to always have room for ice cream. i think of it as my "ice cream" stomach. since i am not in the Mission as often as I would like, SN took me to Bi-Rite Creamery which i have only tasted at the Slow Food conference earlier this year. despite only tasting Bi-Rite ice cream only once...how could i forget? the Bi-Rite salted caramel flavor was one of my favorite tastes of the show...so we traipsed over to Bi-Rite Creamery near delores park.

i am going to take a moment to be smug and say how much i love living in the bay area. take a look at today's flavors....

and the menu board....(to see it better, feel free to click on the pic)

also, if i wasn't so determined to have the salted caramel, i think the coffee sundae or the sam sundae would have taken its place ....despite being stuffed. yet, thank goodness, they had the salted caramel flavor today....

it was as good as i remembered it....which is saying quite a lot. other local creameries appeared to make "special" batches for the slow food conference and when i tried the "real" thing at their retail stores...the flavors weren't nearly as good. yet, this was not the case with the salted caramel flavor from Bi-Rite. it was wonderful.

i happily savored every bite and remember thinking, "this is just heavenly. absolutely heavenly".

vacation is good thing.

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