Tuesday, December 16, 2008

random but cool...

hmmm. so much for working decent hours these days. bad habits die hard i suppose. i haven't experienced this mad rush of projects to complete by the end of the year in quite a few years.....actually, i think the last time i experienced this mad rush was when i was editor and had the ever present "yearly signing goals" on my back. this time though, it is a series of presentations and various reports that need to get done over the next couple of days.

yet, among this madness, a random but very cool event occurred. i was thinking about this random event during a recent outing to turkish kitchen (see above pic)...i don't think i've actually left my place much the last few days..now that i think of it....the outing to turkish has been the only one. sigh. things will be better after the 23rd...that day is the last in the series of presos...for december that is. i'll talk about january when it gets here. anyway, the random but cool thing was being contacted by the agency that runs the san pellegrino web sites. one site is here and the other is here. it looks like they are interested in using a couple of my pics for an article that they are going to do. i'll be certain to post the link when the pics and article are up.

how random is that? but in a very cool way, of course. i am a copious consumer of their products...particulary the limonata. love that stuff. so it was with quite a bit of glee when i responded to the agency. a nice randomly cool thing to think about when i peek out from under my virtual research mound. speaking of the mound....it is time to get back to it.

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