Wednesday, December 10, 2008

revisiting old favorites

it is hard to believe that it has been weeks and weeks since i've had toast! yet, today, i decided to revisit an old favorite that i haven't made in ages....and that is roasted ca grown shiitake mushrooms and garlic on toasted acme pain au levain bread.

as i prepped the mushrooms and garlic....i thought, "why did i stop doing this?" ...then placed it in the oven.

as the mushrooms and garlic were filled my place with amazing smells as well as a much needed warmth. it made the place super cozy much that the thought of leaving the coziness for the cold outside made me wince. sigh. i think that i've become an uber temperature wimp since i've moved back to the gourmet ghetto [it is soooooo much warmer in east bay than the city] and i am not going to chicago as much. no more bone chilling cold for me. i may miss VLD immensely, but i don't miss the chicago cold.

i also decided that the body needed some braised winter greens so i pulled out some dino kale and braised it with chili flakes, kosher salt, and water. fortunately, everything was done about the same i spooned out the kale into a bowl....

then turned my attention to assembling my roasted mushroom garlic toast.

on a whim, i decided to spread some cypress grove truffle tremor cheese (super yummy) on the toast before adding the mushrooms and garlic...

the goat cheese was a lovely complement to the roasted mushrooms and garlic.

doesn't this look good?

it was very good. it is nice to re-discover old favorites. why did i stop? i suppose with all of the traveling i have been doing recently, i just needed to find my groove again. thankfully, it will be a few more weeks before i head off to london. but, i don't think i really need to worry about london right now. it will come soon enough. i'll just continue on my rediscovery of toasted artisan breads and veggie sides...i know my body appreciates it.

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