Sunday, January 25, 2009

the 9 dollar egg salad sandwich

sooo....i left orlando hotel #1 (the rosen centre hotel....take a look at the view from the room i about urban sprawl)

and have checked into orlando hotel #1 (name to be disclosed later). i was pretty hungry and wasn't feeling very inspired by room i went to the on-site deli to check it out. holy moly. since the is a "resort" i should have expected this. there wasn't exactly a lot of selection and the egg salad sandwich is $9.

i'm talking about an egg salad sandwich here....and in this town, you better bet that the eggs aren't local sustainable cage free organic with a pleathra of other organic ingredients: bread, veggies, mayo, etc. etc. etc. the other options didn't look too great and were even more expensive....why would i want to pay $12 for a turkey wrap (and likely processed turkey meat no less).


i know it is "company" money and all of that. yet, i don't go spending wildly on the company. i don't think it is in my nature to do so. it was just a bit of sticker shock to pay manhattan or SF prices around the outskirts of orlando ....and in manhattan and SF, you bet that a $9 egg sandwich would an uber chic-chic sandwich. the sandwich was ok. i'm glad that i grabbed a salt packet. i had a feeling i was going to need it since this place is also a "spa". sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your photos on Flickr and this blogspot. I agree, $9 could go a long way in Saigon.