Saturday, January 3, 2009

baby, it's cold outside...

so, the ups guy didn't show up until after 7pm yesterday. i was tres annoyed since i had to leave my place around 5:30pm in order to ensure that JB and i made the 6:45pm showing of angry monk at the roxie in the Mission. there were definitely other things i could have been doing with my day than waiting around for some packages. yet, it is amazing as my crabbiness appeared to dissipate the closer we got to the Mission.

there is nothing like a documentary about a tibetan monk that puts a few things into perspective. the reason i wanted to see the movie is that the documentary discusses a particular monk that wasn't exactly traditional....and provided another perspective on tibet. it was an interesting film and made for interesting discussions during JB and my post-movie dinner at osha thai on valencia.

although osha isn't that far from the roxie, but i was pretty cold by the time we arrived at the restaurant. it was a good 20 min or so before i took off my billowing bright green wool coat. osha has a few restaurants in the city...and it was the first time that JB or i had paid it a visit...and the modern space was pretty crowded. JB ordered the jungle salad and i ordered the spicy eggplant with duck (see above pic for leftovers). big ordering duck...i liked my dish and JB liked the jungle salad as well. also, well, in continuing with "i'm on vacation" mindset as well as wanting to warm up as quickly as possible, i ordered osha's version of a mojito.

the reason why i mention the mojito is that it is quite fascinating what a little bit of liquor can do for someone with a tolerance of a gnat. i was reminded the next day (when i didn't get up until about noon) and i recalled how smiley i was after leaving the restaurant and during the walk to bart.

oh dear.

now, this is something that hardly anyone can ever accuse me of being....and that is "being smiley", particularly in public and walking down the hipster street in the mission where folks congregate outside of the various bars and such. yet, the next foggy foodie hunter analytical brain was slowly processing that there were some guys that obviously thought i was smiling at them when i walked by (when in fact, i was just kinda-sorta-definitely-tipsy). the foodie hunter brain was particularly processing the fact that they were doing some eye-contact and smiling back. "could flirting be that easy?" i thought to myself? hmmm. interesting. more like "baby-step" flirting really. sigh.

i have never hidden my absolute lack of flirting skills on this blog. i have freely admitted to having no "game" or whatever it is called. in fact, i have so much lack of "game/flirting/wiles/whatever" that my very married heart-sister has sputtered at me a couple of times and said "you do realize that was a pass, right?" some of my interactions with the opposite sex and my response was "huh?". she just ends up shaking her head at me.

double sigh.

i suppose if it was something i really wanted to learn about or improve upon, i'd treat it like i do anything else...and approach it with a vengeance by doing tons of "research". yet, just thinking about flirting and reasearch makes me...well... cringe actually. so, i suppose, i'll be putting that research project off for a while. maybe, like, forever.

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