Friday, January 23, 2009

blogging from orlando...

once upon a another life, there was the potential for me to move to florida. yet, i am glad that things worked out the way they did as at this time, i think florida is a place i'd rather visit.

my poor body doesn't know what end is up at the moment...with all of the jet lag from bouncing around....not to mention i am feeling the beginnings of a sore throat and cough. oh well. such is life. i keep telling my body to "just last until wednesday....just until wednesday" i have 8 presentations that i'll need to give over the course of monday and tuesday. i am drinking fluids and amazingly large amounts of "Emergen-C". i'll keep you posted.

i had a bit of an adventure right before getting on the plane this morning. i could feel the beginnings of the cough and sore throat this morning, so stopped by one of the news stands in the SFO united know, the one by Mango, to buy quite a few rolls of cough drops. i paid cash, received some change, took about 5 steps away from the counter....and then realized, what a minute...i am short $10 in change. i walk back to tell the cashier and she was insistent that she gave me a $10 bill....i said that wasn't the case, especially since there were only $1s, $5s and $20s in my wallet. she gave a tremendous amount of attitude and then there was a ruckus and then the manger was called over. the manger was pretty stoic about the whole thing until he told the cashier to get lost because i think her interference while he was counting the money in the cash drawer was distracting him.

i bet she thought i wouldn't wait until every bill and coin was counted....oh...she doesn't know me, does she? so i waited while the cashier was wandering around the store. sure enough, about 10 minutes later....the manager calls the cashier over and says "your drawer is $10 over. you need to be more careful." she did not look contrite. she looked caught. the manger then apologized and she handed me the $10 bill she said "sorry"...i gave her a very dirty look as i took the money and left.

if you are in SFO, you'll know her if you see her. there aren't that many Filipino women in their 40s with a long pony tail and blue contacts working the news store next to Mango in the united terminal. just watch your change.

it is unfortunate as i am in this terminal a lot. the guy in inmotion recognizes me on sight and knows exactly what section i am going to head toward. most of the time, my experiences have been pretty positive in this terminal.

thankfully, i was upgraded to first class on this leg so it helped soothe my feathers a you can imagine, i was pretty worked up about the whole experience.
i even bought myself some lollipops right before i boarded to "soothe the beast"...

first class on a us carrier is a heck of a lot better the regular econ. it is all about having "real" dishes and warmed nuts....

not to mention decent food ....

as opposed to those not so great snack boxes. when i fly premium econ, i end up just getting food from one of the food stalls and bringing it on board.

the flight itself was fairly uneventful, except for my seat mate drinking a bit too much (and prob a bit too early) and having the attendants run around for her when she said she was going to faint, be sick, wanted a tissue, wanted a barf bag, etc, etc, etc. thankfully, she just zonked out about an hour into the flight and i was able to actually get some work done on the plane.

working in first class on a us carrier is actually quite feasible. there is actually enough space to work comfortably. thankfully, the rest of the flight was ok and the ride to the hotel also worked out fine. after i checked-in, i ordered a burger for room service ....which was HUGE. i didn't finish it...but i did eat all of the pickle.... i love pickles.

well, hopefully, the rest of the trip will go ok. i've got quite a few meetings tomorrow and must squeeze in some time to practice my preso. there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. sigh.

well, nite dear hearts....'til later.

many hugs.


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