Wednesday, January 7, 2009

dessert tofu

so, i was slated to give a presentation to a member of the exec team this morning at 7:30am which meant that i was at my computer at 6am preparing for the meeting. yet, the exec sends a note at 7am indicating that he wants to reschedule for next week...when we are in london.

great. just great. not like i don't have enough things (work-related) to do in london anyway. btw: there is not going to be any "free time" in london. it is one of those work-the-moment-you-open-your-eyes at 7am in the morning until the-moment-you-close-them at 11:30pm kind of trips.

this is just one more thing in a crappy week so far.

i seem to be in a generally crabby mood since i started back at work. this may be due to the hourly changing deadlines are flying around everywhere. yet, this isn't because of the people i normally work with....these are people i normally do not work with who i think are a bit overwhelmed [massive understatement] and hence....aren't exactly used to running large scale events involving participants and presenters around the world and numerous time zones.

i had a feeling this was going to happen which is one of the major reasons why i truly wanted to relax over the holiday.

january is just going to suck. no doubt about it.

yet, on a positive note, i found out where to purchase premade sweet tofu! i've been looking for premade dessert tofu since i've returned from hong kong. i thought i would find it at nijiya market in the city, but they didn't have any the last time i was there. yet, i found some pretty large plain sweet tofu for sale at the sliverview market in oakland's china town.

i was pretty excited when i saw the this was one of my favorite snacks to eat while i was in hong kong. given what happened this morning, i wanted some dessert.

so i scooped out a good portion of the sweet silky soft tofu into a bowl....

and added some amaretto agave syrup (note: agave syrup works extremely well with the sweet tofu)...

and dug in. it was perfect way to sooth the crabby foodie hunter. i guess break time is over.

"once more into the breach dear friends, once more"!


i can only hope the sweet tofu lasts for the next couple of days.

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