Thursday, January 29, 2009


i have left florida and now find myself in the burbs of georgia. i haven't blogged because i am exhausted. truly and utterly exhausted.

i left the omni resort in orlando on wednesday a i boarded the plane. those few days at the omni felt like a few months. i presented 8 sessions. each session was 1 hour and 15 minutes. there were four sessions each day...but there were also meetings in between sessions as well as mandatory business socializing activities. after i presented the second set of sessions, attended meetings, and the formal dinner, i fell asleep on my bed with my clothes on and woke up around 3am to realize that i hadn't shut off any of the lights. while i was at the omni, i tried to sneak away for about 10 minutes here and there to gain my breath and composure...usually, i tried to hide out by the pool (see top pic).

i suppose i should give some background info on why this is particularly exhausting for me. i am one that doesn't gain energy from being around fact, it is the exact opposite. being around people drains me but i knew how important these presentations were. i was presenting to the majority of these people (well over 200) for the first time....and i had to ensure that they found value in the presentation, me, my boss, the team, and the french boss boss. i felt like i was not just representing me....but so many others. these presentations were very important.

so i prepared and prepared. stressed and stressed some more. then, each time i went in front of the crowd, i made certain that i presented with an intensely high energy level. i presented with quite a bit of zeal and animation. now, most of you dear hearts, have never seen me do this in "real life". i see it as giving a performance. in the end, the preparation and tiredness has paid off least 5 members of the executive team provided positive feedback on my session as well as the chairman of our company's board of directors. the corporate hr exec said that based on the feedback he's heard, he thinks it was considered one of the top two presentations of the event. it is odd to present to so many people. i am not used to walking around when people know who i am, and i have no idea who they are.

i am used to being a lot more anonymous.

people would come up to me and introduce themselves, and when i would say "it is good to meet you, i am foodie hunter", they would say, "i know, i saw you present and it is why i wanted to talk to you...". it was a bit jolting. i also noticed a change in the way people treated me...but more on that later, perhaps when i am not so tired.

as i was leaving for the airport on wednesday, DH said..."the genie is out of the bottle...everyone wants a piece of you now, we are going to have to manage expectations." at this point, i just smiled and nodded weakly. when i got to the airport, i was starving. i really hadn't been eating very much during that time at the omni....i was too nervous.

so, what i did i have when i got to the airport? absolute junk food...

and since i have been in georgia, my eating habits haven't been that great. i mean, take a look at my lunch today...meatloaf and mash potatoes...

i was so tired that i just shook my head at my server when he called me sweetie as i was getting ready to leave. first of all, i was so tired that i couldn't even bring up the energy to send him a stern look. second, i doubt he was even twenty years old....third, just reminded me that i am DEFINITELY in the south.

i can't wait to be safe at home, in my own bed, and in my own "country".

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