Saturday, January 24, 2009

medicate me

i feel like i am battling against my own body at the moment.

i woke up this morning, worked on something for the boss' boss (a request that he sent at 1am no less), and headed over to attend the conference for about 4 hours or so. during my attendance in the sessions, taking copious notes through the haze of a headache...and a just beginning to burn sore throat....i realized that i needed to send an email to DH...went into my bag and voila. no blackberry.

"oh fuck. oh fuck. oh fuck". was the reaction. i mean, wouldn't that be yours? this is not usually the kind of thing that happens to me.

then i proceeded to run around, retracing my steps, trying to figure out where i had left it. also, due to my uber lazy self, i haven't memorized my mobile work phone i primarily use it for the blackberry function...and the only two people that call me on it anyway are the boss and the boss' boss. that's it. think of it as my version of the bat phone. the number it isn't something i give out easily to work people.

so what do i do? i proceed to call friends and loved ones on my personal cell phone [yes, i carry two phones] to see if any of them could access their email to see what my work mobile number was. [background update: i send this information to loved ones in case they need to get a hold of me in an emergency situation.] alas, no one was picking up...and i continued on my wandering around trying to figure out how i could lose it. i mean, the blackberry is similar to an appendage. or it has become that way. what a stupid thing to do!

alas, i eventually did find it and almost cried on the spot. see how tired and sick i am? i almost cried. over a device. jez. once the conference was over, i my haze, went back to the room to down yet another shot/dosage of vitamin c (airborne this time ...see top image) and found a local grocery store to stock up on various medications.

i am hoping that this will at least help me hold out the worst of it until the presentations are over (which i still have to finish working on stress or anything). i really want these presos to go ok. i just don't know if my body is going to go along with me.

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