Monday, January 12, 2009

quite knackered

i arrived into the uk on sunday evening. it was a long travel time and i was feeling "quite knackered" as i got to my manchester hotel. despite being a long journey (a total of 22 hours) it was pretty uneventful which is the best sort of journey to have. i flew on virgin atlantic for the first time in years. thankfully, i was in premium economy which allows for a decent amount of space. i took a peek at the regular economy and think those seats remind me of US economy seats. there goes my theory that non-US carriers provide more room in economy. i find that regular economy on lufthansa and sinapore airlines to be quite decent.

something i appreciated about flying on virgin atlantic which other folks may or may not appreciate was the fact that they give small glasses of wine. since my tolerance isn't too great, it was perfect for me.

the meal itself was much better than what one gets on us-based carriers (see first image) and i was actually able to have a bit of bailey's as an after dinner drink.

my theory was that if i had enough alchohol that i would be able to go to sleep. alas, when you sit next to a pregnant lady that has to go to the bathroom....a solid amount of sleep isn't as much of an option. DH laughed when i told him about that later on....after all, that is one of the reasons why you book premium give one a chance to sleep for a bit.

so i pretty much felt like the walking dead by the time i reached heathrow. one of the first things i did as i waited for my flight to manchester was buy some snacks.

pretty much the things i like about england food wise are a) candy, b) "crisps" aka potato chips, c) english breakfastst, d) indian food, and e) beer. as it is 12th of January in the UK....and almost 5am as i type this...i am pleased to say that i have tasted all of these. DH took me to a very yummy indian food place in manchester where i was able to have a "proper" curry. admittedly, i didn't catch the name of the place as i still resemble the walking dead.

i am incredibily tired right now. the day in the office was quite illuminating for so many reasons. i can feel myself, just now....finally begin to relax. DH will be picking me up in a few hours and then we'll be taking the train to london. something i've noticed....and you probably have as how quickly i fall into "acclimating" to the culture here (aside from the jet lag...that is going to take a bit to acclimate to). my mannerisms change. my speech patterns change. my way of communicating changes. i fall into a rhythm of communication that is similar to speaking another language. although everyone here speaks "english" it is not "american"....not by any means. yet, by doing this....i am definitely not forgetting that i am fact, it seems to be quite the opposite, actually.

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